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The set of strategies aimed at generating profit in USD

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The set of strategies aimed at generating profit in BTC

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The set of trend strategies for the USD market

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Trading strategy on the principle of pair trading

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Self-learning sets of strategies

The evolution of optimization mechanisms

Years of professional trading experience led to an understaning, that the change is the only constant. Based on that principle, each potential trade is analized to exclude intolerable risk/reward ratios or even high degree of risk at all. To achieve the continuity of desirable results, our strategies are automatically corrected every day, learning from the extensive datasets of multiple cryptocurrency markets across the globe. All you need to do is to follow the performance in your account.

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The emotionless machine, not subject to FOMO, panic or greed, perfectly executes verbose strategies at critical moments with the precise trading decisions.

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Key Features

Basic indestructible principles


The service is easy to manage and does not require special skills, it’s accessible from both laptops and smartphones.


The service is fully automated and does not require any manual operations or support.


The bots only have access to trading operations and are not authorized to transfer or withdraw your funds.


Daily system and trading algorithms updates.


All strategies are constantly backtested over the full historical data.


All performed trades are available through exchange API.

Supported exchanges

The best liquidity for the best results